Sunday, 14 September 2008

Trains In The Garden

I have always had an interest in railways and so I have always had a trainset! Over the years the collection of locomotives (mainly steam) that I have has grown quite alot and so has my trainset! In June 2005 my 00 Gauge Garden Railway was operated for the first time.At the time it was very basic and only comprised one circuit.In August 2006 the extension was opened and this made the railway about 5 times longer than its original length.Since then little bits and bobs have been added but nothing major.The railway is named the Sutherland Steam Railway and serves 4 stations.The main station at Sutherland includes a signal box,junction,engine sheds,water tower,storage siding and run-round area.The next station is Grantham and is a small "picnic" halt/request stop.Trains next pass Ashford Junction where there is a signal box and spur.The spur leads down to the 5-road electrically operated turntable.
The 3rd station is Ashford which is another small request stop.Trains next round a 180 degree inclined curve which takes them around the turntable area.After this curve,trains descend into Chilvers.At Chilvers Station there is a water tower and a large run-round loop with signal box and gantry.To make operations "realistic",trains "run-round" here and then head back to Sutherland BUT the line continues through a tunnel before descending into the garden shed via a bridge.The garden shed is the centre of operations where we have a 3-stabling roads and a reception siding.Trains leave the south end for Sutherland and arrive into the north end from Chilvers.The locomotives which we ran today were 4-6-0 King Class No6009 "King Charles II" & 2-6-0 43XX Mogul No5328.Also seen out & about was 0-4-2 14XX No1436. Next post coming soon!

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