Saturday, 11 October 2008

Saturday at Shackerstone

Hi Everyone

Today I was at Shackerstone again and it was day out with Thomas.0-6-0 Hunslet "Jessie" (of the Llangollen Railway) was playing Thomas.After signing on 6:45am myself and Joe prepared a fire to complete the nealing of tubes.Nigel & Mr Britt were preparing Thomas whilst we worked. The fire was lit and began to heat up. Once Thomas had gone off shed at around 9:30am, Dave & Joe brought the Class 02 shunter into the South Yard before dragging "Lamport No3","Sir Gomer" & the Lowmac wagon (full of tubes) out of the shed.

Throughout the day myself and Dave nealed the tubes whilst Joe had a go at cleaning up the front tube plate.B1 "Mayflower" passed us every now and again with the services to Shenton.Joe left around 1pm but myself and Dave continued with the tubes.By around 2:30pm we put the last completed tubes on the Lowmac.We then used the 02 again to push the cavalcade back into the shed.The fire was left to burn down for an hour or so before I got the hose on it! This would dampen down the ash of course so that there would be less dust. Dave then headed up to the station whilst I 'pumped' the outside inspection pit due to the fact that the day was wearing on and a few hours later Thomas would be over the pit.I then got treated to a footplate ride to Shenton and back on Thomas' footplate with the "Tea on Thomas" special.It was good run and "Jessie" proved herself to be very powerful and reliable.I would be on the engine all day the following day and the post about that will come very soon!

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