Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sunday At Shackerstone

Hello everyone.After spending the previous day on the B1 "Mayflower" and sleeping over at the railway,I signed on at 7:30am once again.1306 was out again and as soon as she was outside I began cleaning the inside inspection pit.Afterwards I was asked to prime the mechanical lubricators (meaning 200 turns on each of them!).A little later on I headed down to the Tea Room for Breakfast before returning to the loco yard to collect some wood with which to light the booking hall's open fire.I returned before lighting the fire.1306 then came off shed."Mayflower" completed the days four trains as a little work was continued on Peckett "Sir Gomer"s tubes.I left at 4:15pm after a sucessful day.I'll be at Shack on December 6th/7th.

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