Sunday, 15 February 2009

"Yvonne" Leaves Shackerstone (Another Working Day!)

Hello everyone. Today I spent another working day at Shackerstone, mainly cleaning the bottom half of LNER 4-6-0 B1 Class No1306 "Mayflower". I signed on at 10:45am and the shed was already in full swing. Work was continuing on Peckett "Sir Gomer", Aveiling & Porter "Blue Circle", B1 "Mayflower", Cockerill "Yvonne" and the Riding Van at the back of the shed. The Southern Railway Brake Van (under restoration) was also having some needle-gunning work carried out. B1 "Mayflower" was being prepared for her departure (this Thursday) to the North Norfolk Railway at Sheringham for their February Gala whilst "Blue Circle"s winter maintainance was being slowly finished off. The Peckett's boiler was having its final preparations for departure (to a boiler repair shop) carried out. Meanwhile, Cockerill "Yvonne" was being prepared for a final departure from Shackerstone to a potential new home. The whistle was removed as 02 Shunter "Diane" prepared to shunt her out of the shed.

After shifting the Lowmac Wagon, the 2-car DMU, 0-4-0 "Hercules", 0-6-0 "Richard III" & the 04 Shunter, "Yvonne" was carefully dragged into the outdoors after her winter slumber. She was then shunted down to the 'Loading Ramp' ready for her transport (tomorrow) to another home. She has been a good engine whilst at Shackerstone and I've enjoyed two "trainee" turns on her footplate over the last 10 months. Maybe we'll see her there again one day?? Who knows. I finished my day cleaning "Mayflower"s connecting rods before signing off at 4:20pm. Thanks for reading.

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