Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sunny Sunday at Shackerstone...

Today was just another Sunday. The railway has began running once again with today's trains being hauled by the Co-Co Class 31 diesel, 31 101. Meanwhile, down in the engine shed, work was continuing on "Sir Gomer" and "Blue Circle". The Peckett's steam chests were partially dismantled to allow retiming of the valves, which was sucessfully completed during the day. The Aveiling meanwhile was having further needle-gunning and priming work carried out with its Winter overhaul gradually nearing completion. (B1 "Mayflower" remains away on loan). Outside the shed, in the North Yard, Ruston 0-4-0 Diesel "Nancy" was having some work carried out. Finally, at the back of the shed in the South Yard, I was busy burning alot of rubbish! Using our "Brazier" box, we burnt many different things during the day from overhauls to magazines which, in turn, cleared space inside the shed and workshop. We also burnt logs and old pieces of wood as well as emptying our rubbish bins onto the fire. It does save space I must admit!

After putting my lasts loads on the fire, I headed into the shed and helped with rebuilding the outer areas of the steam chests. Out on the line, four trains were in operation to the normal "Green Timetable", all undertaken by the Class 31. Easter next weekend....who knows what will be out pulling trains? Thanks for reading.

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