Saturday, 4 August 2012

Another Day At The Office...

Hi guys. A short one from today as my iPhone went flat so I couldn't take any pictures. Today myself and Eddie were rostered on 3803, being joined on our final two trips (of 5) by trainee fireman Dave. Everything went to plan: the engine steamed well, we had little clinker and the trains ran pretty much to time. A brilliant day, once again, on 3803. In the evening we took "Blue Circle" and a Brakevan all the way to Shenton and back on a social outing. It took nearly 3 hours!

This is a plug for the 2012 STEAM GALA at Shackerstone. It will take place on September 15th/16th and will feature (click links for more info on each loco):
* LMS Stanier Black 5 4-6-0 No45379 (Mid Hants Railway)
* GWR Small Prairie 2-6-2 No5521 (Bill Parker - Flour Mill)
* GWR Heavy Freight 2-8-0 No3803 (South Devon Railway)
* Peckett OX1 0-6-0ST No1859 "Sir Gomer" (Resident)
* Aveiling & Porter 2-2-0 No9449 "Blue Circle" (Mr Smith)

The gala will feature an intensive service with both passenger and freight trains. We hope you can join us for what promises to be an exciting weekend on the railway! If you can't join us, the gala will be reported in full on this blog. Cheers. Sam.

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