Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Garden Railway That Was...

Hi everyone. Welcome to the first post of a brand new year: 2013. This morning whilst we were loading "Achilles" into the car for a run at the RPMR, I thought I'd capture a couple of shots of the garden railway as it sleeps silenty at the egde of the garden. The railway was completed in its first form in 2005, with an extension being added the following year. The tracks have not seen use for a good few months now and so all has been quiet at the garden railway's locomotive depot. The collection of engines has sat untouched and no stock has turned a wheel. Many people comment on 00 gauge as unfit for use in a garden due to its fragility and small scale. However, in almost 8 years we have had very few problems and, arguably, the problems that we have had could have been quickly overcome or even avoided with regular maintainence. The tracks are currently sitting under wilted leaves, with the rails encrusted in dirt and general garden grime. I am sure that things will improve for the railway at some point in 2013 and I do hope that steam locomotives will again reach these sections of the garden, hauling a variety of stock from freight wagons to Pullman cars.
Chilvers Loop - The Terminus of The Railway
Looking closely at the line in this slumbering state, it is almost like a real railway that has been disused for some time. The photograph below for example shows one of the lines gradients, with a photograph held above of a train passing over the same stretch of track hauled by a B12 4-6-0 nearly 7.5 years before...
Thank you for reading the first post of 2013. We are now off to Ryton with "Achilles" for a steam-up. Lets hope 2013 goes off just as well as our previous years. Cheers guys. Sam.

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