Sunday, 22 September 2013

Achilles Report No40: RPMR Steam Day...

Hi everyone. Today was one of the increasingly popular 'Steam Days' at RPMR. The Public Running requires all members to be on duty three times a year and, when myself & Emma are on, we often try to run steam. Today the stalwart team of "Achilles" and "Diane" the club Sweet Pea were aided by a third engine: Mike's mighty 5" gauge Midland 7F 2-8-0. The three steamer operation allowed three trains: slightly shorter than usual: to be operated and over 200 passengers were carried over the 3-hour running period. A few pictures...
A Smokey Steam Up by "Diane"

"Achilles" Waiting For Her Fire To Be Lit

Driver Eddie on "Achilles"

Steaming Very Well

Eddie with "Achilles" on Another Run, Nearing 4pm
The last RPMR Sunday running for the public is next Sunday: September 29th. After 4pm next Sunday the railway will be closed to the public until Easter 2014, excluding the special Halloween and New Years Day runs. Thanks for reading guys...

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