Saturday, 23 May 2009

Battlefield Line "Anything Goes Gala" Day 1

The railway's "Anything Goes Gala" ran from today, May 23rd, until Bank Holiday Monday, May 25th. The locomotive roster was headed by LNER B1 No1306 "Mayflower" and today, was supplimented by the Class 25, 31 (101) & DMU. I arrived on site at around 12:35pm and, after chatting with 1306's crew and then the signalman (Joe), I went into the shed and began cleaning the injector clack from Aveiling "The Blue Circle". The B1's last trip was at 3:50pm and, for this, myself and two of my collegues walked up the line to video her. I managed to get to the Shackerstone Distant signal at Congerstone Bridge where I got a short clip of the loco chugging past. We then returned to Shackerstone to our individual duties. I finished cleaning "BC"s clack and then signed off ready to stay the night on site. The short video clip I filmed can be seen below...

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