Thursday, 28 May 2009

More Changes On The Garden Railway...

Today was time for more changes on the garden railway. The main task was to replace some old track panels (which had been in place since 2005) with new ones. The location of these panels was situated at and around Sutherland Station. However, before the work began, we noticed a modest new change we could make to the track layout. Since 2006, when we completed the extension, the railway crossed the flowerbeds via a thin, lengthy wooden bridge. However, today we noticed a different, tidier and "safer" route for a trains to take. Instead of going across the flowerbeds the track could simply curve around the end of them. So, we set to work. The first task was to drill the stone wall ready for the wood-base (for the track) to be screwed down. This was completed relatively quickly as we are so used to it by now! The new line, a 90 degree right handed curve, was then laid and fastened with any gaps being filled with cut down straight panels.
As can be seen in the image above, the railway now curves around the back of a conifer tree. Orignally, the line cut in front of this particular tree on "Grantham Bridge". The bridge is now confined to history and we feel that the addition of this 'new curve' has given the railway a whole new look on this particular section. Trains now pass the site of the engine shed whereas before they only passed the end of the loco yard briefly. This new layout will hopefully benefit all operations into and out of Sutherland Station in the future...Look out for more posts...Coming Soon!

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