Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Day In Shackerstone Shed...

Aveiling & Porter "Blue Circle" - Shackerstone
Hi there guys. Today I was back at Shackerstone, arriving at just after 9am. The rostered loco (3803) was just about to leave shed on Footplate Experience duty. Once the loco had left shed I cleaned out the pit of ash & clinker, with the help of Jason. Myself, Jason and Will then helped Mic clean his engine: "Blue Circle". The Aveiling 2-2-0 was slowly raising steam before attempting to leave the shed through the South End into the so-called 'yard'. Before that occured though myself and Carl had to use the Class 02 diesel shunter to shift two coaches, a railcar and a few wagons. This took us about 30 minutes to do before "Blue Circle" triumphantly chugged out into the sunshine and then out onto the old pit road. Once the 38 had ran round for the next trip, "BC" slipped down into Platform 1 to tick-over for a while. It was the first time in about 18 months that the loco had moved anywhere. It was nice to see her out again.

Dunlop No7...
Peckett 0-4-0ST "Dunlop No7" (Works number 2130 of 1949) is owned by some of the railways members. It has been based at Shackerstone since the 1970s and took its turn on Battlefield Line passenger trains before its firebox began to quilt. The loco was subsequently taken out of service and has stood forlorn at the very back of the North End sidings for around 30 years. However, around 4 months ago the loco resurfaced and appeared at the side of the shed. Back then she had her boiler, smokebox and wheels, though everything seemed a bit poorly. Last week however the boiler, tank and smokebox were removed and now lie in the North End. Today the frames were being lifted for the two axles and their four wheels to be removed.
The first set of wheels was removed with the eccentric sheaths still fitted
30 years of being out in the open air has no doubt taken its toll but I'm sure the guys restoring her will get her running again
There we go, all four wheels out!...
Progress on this small but chunky 0-4-0ST has been rapid so far. In the past 2 weeks she has been almost completely stripped, which I think is very impressive. The boiler, tank and chimney are now up in the North End awaiting attention.
The boiler currently has no inner firebox which I believe is one of the main jobs to be done on it
After some good running-in throughout the day, 2-2-0WT "Blue Circle" was back in the shed. Her first proper movements with her new gears seemed successful and I believe owner Mic was very happy with her.
I washed up at around 4pm ready to go home, after witnessing 3803 slope in from Shenton on the 3:35
I left Shackerstone at around 4:15pm and headed home. It had been a nice, humorous and interesting day in the loco shed. The progress on Dunlop No7 was particularly impressive and I'm sure that we can all look forward to seeing the little Peckett in action again sometime soon.
Once back home I decided to start cleaning up "Achilles": my 5" gauge loco, ready for her run on Wednesday. Cheers everyone. Sam...

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