Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sun, Sun, Sun with 3803...

Hi all. Today I was out on the Great Western Heavy Freight again, at Shackerstone. Dave was trainee fireman and Eddie was the rostered Driver. We arrived at 6am to find the loco warm but with no coal in the tender whatsoever. We used two wheelbarrows to cart some coal up from the North End sidings where the coal pile is before lighting the loco at just before 7am. Adrian turned in at 7:30 to fire up a diesel before dragging us down to the North End for coaling. The tender was soon brimmed with coal, thanks to Aidy and the JCB. When the loco was back on shed the 08 scurried away back to its yard whilst we finished oiling, cleaning and firing up the engine. At around 10:30am we left shed before reversing with drain cocks open over the crossing to the signalbox. The loco was then put onto the 4-coach train and watered. Following watering we still had just over 25 minutes to go before the first departure so, naturally, we got the breakfast going...
Sausages & Bacon On The Cook
The first run was brilliant and the loco performed very well. I fired whilst Eddie drove. Eddie fired the second trip and Dave the third and fourth. Eddie and Dave shared the firing on the last trip.
3803 At Market Bosworth - Northbound
It was a very warm but uneventful day. 3803 steamed, pulled and operated well - as usual. The five service trains ran pretty much to time and nothing out of the ordinary occured. I suppose it was just one of those 'normal' days.
Our cleaning of the loco this morning certainly seemed to have paid off as she looked lovely
"Engine Ready"
Another day at the office...
As usual our roving photographer Mr Hanks was out & about with us on the footplate and took the two images shown below.
Fireman Sam Brandist Firing The Front End
Fireman Eddie Jones Going For The Most Lumps Of Coal On One Shovel Record
All in all a very enjoyable day on the footplate of 3803. Thanks to Eddie and Dave for another brilliant time. 3803 performed very well once again with no problems reported. I'll hopefully next be on 3803 on Saturday August 4th. Cheers guys. Sam...

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