Thursday, 25 October 2012

Sad News

This afternoon I lost someone very dear to me: my beloved grandfather who passed away at age 72 after a slow illness. He was a big part of my life and helped with my hobby alot. Not only did he give me countless lifts to Shackerstone, Ryton and god knows where else but he also provided a home for "Achilles", started off my LEGO railway collection and built with me the 00 gauge Garden Railway which has been a feature of these posts in the past. Oh, and the yellow car, that was bought with a much appreciated loan from him. I never believed that anything could make me feel as sad as these past two weeks (post written a fortnight later) and I admit I feel totally devoid of any kind of happiness or enjoyment. I have however had alot of words of sympathy from alot of people and have tried to keep going rather than moping around the house. I wouldn't wish this situation on anybody. Rest in Peace Grandad, and thank you so much. x

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, I'm sorry to hear about your sad loss. I understand totally, as it was my Grandad ("Gramps") who got me interested in engineering, and helped out so much with various lifts and lots of steam-loco related stuff, not to mention much appreciated gifts of money when I was young. Also my other Grandad was a track ganger during the steam era of British Railways. and I always regard the length of freight-only track that runs through Sutton park as "his" bit of the permanent way. He once showed me a picture of a "Super-D" providing the haulage for one of his ganger trains. It is his BR whistle I have when I run at CMES. I still miss them both. You just have to carry on what they started, I hope I have... It sounds like you have too.
Kind regards,