Thursday, 14 March 2013

Preparing For The Gala...

Hi there guys. Today I arrived at Shackerstone at Midday as we all started to pull together to prep for the Steam Gala. The T9 stood quietly at the back of the shed with a warming fire in the box, with "Sir Gomer" & 30585 stood together outside. When I arrived I lit up "Sir Gomer" and both she and the Beattie slowly began warming through together...
"Sir Gomer" Slowly Comes to Life
There was alot of shunting going on at Shackerstone today, not only coaches but also wagons and even locomotives. "Gomer" & Beattie were moved to the side road alongside the shed later in the day, in order to let the T9 out for a full, smokey warming fire to be built. Other jobs included cleaning and tidying the shed. Tomorrow will be the main prep day.
Beattie Behind "Sir Gomer" (And Lit!)
I'm really looking forward to this weekend: it should be brilliant. Please join us if you can as we bring Cornwall to Leicestershire for ONE weekend only! Cheers guys. Sam.

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