Saturday, 27 April 2013

MTEW: Saturday In Pictures...

Hi guys. Well, what a brilliant day! Miniature Traction Engine Weekend Day 1 went off fantastically. We didn't officially open until 10:30, and by 9:40 the visitors were arriving! It really did go off well and I can only hope that tomorrow goes better. We weren't exactly blessed with weather but the sunshine between the hail, rain and sleet was brilliant! Thank you to everyone who brought an engine and supported the event, and also thank you to every visitor that came and made the event a success. It made all the work to make it happen worthwhile. Thank you all. Now, Saturday in pictures...
Aveling & Porter "Louise" - 10 ton Roller

6" Burrell "Wandering Star" Road Loco

4" Burrell Showmans Engine "Winston Churchill"

3" Allchin "Royal Chester"

6" Burrell Devonshire Single Crank Compound "Merlin"

"Penelope" The Pipe Organ

"The Griffin" Powering "Penelope" The Organ
4" Foster "McGrew"

3" Marshall "Hampshire Rose" & 4" Garrett "Vera"

"Merlin", "Royal Chester", "Wandering Star" & "Louise"

Awning Display of Model Trucks by Roger Wood

6" Garrett "Jack"

6" Allchin "Abbie Jane" & "The Griffin"
Dave's Toy Steam Emporium Stand

A Quiet Part in the Goods Shed

Model Railway from Cardiff

The Fantastic Model Railway
Saturday Evening Road Run... 
6" Garrett "Michael"

4" Foster "Staffordshire Lass" & "Vera"

4.5" Foden "Fenland Prince"

"Wandering Star" at the Pub

Red Engine, Red Lion
Thank you guys. Thank you very much. It was an immensely long day but brilliant all the same. Amazing. Sam.

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