Monday, 1 April 2013

Southern Final Fling...

Hi guys. Just a short one from today. I nipped over to Shackerstone for a ride on the last train of the day, which would be double-headed by the two Southern engines: Beattie No30585 & T9 Greyhound No30120. The final train would also be the final runs on the railway for both of the engines before they return home. The T9 will leave tomorrow, and the Beattie left straight after todays last train! The exhilarating final run behind the pair was well worth the drive over. No matter how many times you fire or drive an engine, a ride on the coaches (or "the cushions" as we call it) never becomes boring...its just different! I will be sad to see the pair leave as their visits have been very interesting, and have definitely put Shackerstone back on the map as a steam player. Thanks for reading. Regards, Sam.

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