Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Achilles Report No36: Back In The Game...

Hi guys. Today I was working on "Achilles" again. Since her very successful outing to CMES in June where she took part in the public running (see here), she has been sitting in the workshop, cold and quiet. Her lack of use over the last 2 months has mainly been due to time constraints and dates not really matching up, what with my regular firing turns at Shackerstone and such. However, she now has three outings lined up within the next couple of weeks to get her back into the swing of things so I thought I'd better get going. Having cleaned out all of her tubes and emptied the smokebox, I turned my attention to the gauge glass blow-down which hasn't been working correctly for a few weeks now. Having removed the cab roof, cab and bunker in order to access the set-up, the handle wound off in my hand! "Damn"! The gland nut then had to be unscrewed before the spindle was taken out. The ensemble was then cleaned up...
The locomotive meanwhile was then looking pretty sparse...
Having repacked and repaired the gauge glass blow-down, I decided to repack the troublesome blower valve which has been 'passing' for some time now. With these usually awkward to get at valves repacked, I put the cab back on following cleaning of its windows and 'fake' whistle. With the loco pretty much operational again it was time for the cleaning regime to begin:
  • Brasso for the Brass
  • Wadding for Buffers and Drawhook
  • Paraffin & Oil Mix for the Black Paintwork
  • Polish for the Blue Paintwork
  • Neat Paraffin for the Valve Gear & Framing
  • Oil for the Backhead
This cleaning regime, which I have sort of tried & tested by now, seems to result in a presentable engine and it tends to stay clean for a maximum of 10-minutes or so once its on the track! However, for admiring her in the workshop with her white lamps, CMES badge and chrome bucket as well as shining brasswork...she looks "OK"!...
Steam Locomotive "Achilles"
Thanks very much for reading guys. The locomotive will be out & about on the following
  • August 31st - Onley Lane, Rugby (Rugby MES Visit)
  • September 7th - RPMR Steam Up
  • September 15th - Hinckley Model Railway Show (Static)
  • September 22nd - RPMR Public Running
  • October 17th - 20th - Fosseway Show (M.M.E.E 2013 - Static)
Thanks guys - Sam

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