Saturday, 7 March 2009

Another Day In The Garden...

Today's weather started sunny but even though it went a little unsettled later on, I decided to go and "play" in the garden for a while. The imagine above shows our 2-road engine shed, which we have just extended with a 2nd Hornby "loco shed" kit. The locomotives seen are Black 5 No45156 "Ayrshire Yeomanry", King No6009 "King Charles II" & 4-4-0 City Class "Mauritus". The tender is from our Streamlined Duchess Pacific. The shed is mainly for display as it can only fit 3 or 4 locomotives (or 5/6 small ones!) in at once. However, it is afterall an piece of extra interest. The line in the far background is the main line from Chilvers as it returns to the Main Shed to complete the circuit. The line on which the tender stands allows trains to complete a very very small circuit, calling at Sutherland Station only. (That section is mostly used for storage now however). Anyway, today I ran a few trains up and down the garden, with 2 train rakes out. (There seemed no need to shunt the 30 or so freight wagons to make a managable train so I just used coaches).
I just thought that I would include the above shot to give you an idea of our railway's general layout. The main shed can be clearly seen and Sutherland Station is just to the right of the Windmill on the top wall. Trains then continue down the left hand side of the side-wall, passing Grantham & Ashford Halt's, before rounding the turntable in the bottom-left hand corner of the image. The trains then make their way up the other side of the side wall, passing Chilvers Coton Station and the passing loop. Trains then continue into the shed completing the circuit. Inside the shed we have 3 passing roads (for stabling trains) as well as a short siding which includes a Goods Shed. This allows for wagons to be stored or single locomotives respectively. Thanks for reading! More posts coming soon!

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