Sunday, 15 March 2009

"Sir Gomer" & "Blue Circle" Are On Their Way Back

Today once again saw the frames of 0-6-0ST "Sir Gomer" (1859 of 1932) emerge from Shackerstone Shed behind 0-4-0 Class 02 Shunter "Diane". The inner frames were to be cleaned with a wirebrush tool, followed by the application of primer. This, after another coat or two, would then allow for a final coat, finishing the inside framing off quite nicely. The engine is seen just after emerging from the shed, basking in the late-morning sunlight. The reverser "reach-rod" was also fitted during the day, allowing the checking of the valve gear in both forward, reverse and mid-gear settings. With the fresh primer slowly beginning to dry, "Sir Gomer" was pushed back into the shed at around 5pm. Next time more primer will be applied as we get ever closer to the return of the engine's boiler. It will then be a job of refitting the tank & cab before "piping up" commences. The engine should then be ready for test steaming. When will that be?...We'll see.
Elsewhere in the shed, "Blue Circle" is also slowly coming back together, following essential winter maintainance. The engine is seen jacked up off its front axle to allow for the repaiting of the horn guides. The little 2-2-0 Aveiling & Porter will be outshopped around late April, resplendant in her shining Blue & Red livery, complimented by brass & copper. The locomotive is a very welcome member of the steam locomotive fleet and can be seen many times a year chugging around the site, mostly with a Brake Van in tow, giving rides to the public. It is also the only full size replica of the Thomas character, "Fergus". The Southern Railway Brake Van, seen behind "Blue Circle", is also under restoration and will also be outshopped this year, in a livery comparitively similar to "Blue Circle"s!

Outside the confines of Shackerstone shed, B1 4-6-0 "Mayflower" is still off on her spring jollies! She starred at the North Norfolk Railway's steam gala and there is still a chance to see the eye catching engine at the Llangollen Railway's "Steel, Steam & Stars" gala in April. She will then be returning to her home at Shackerstone shed. Next post coming soon folks, and I'll be back at Shack hopefully on the 28th. Thanks for reading.

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