Saturday, 14 March 2009

Its Funny What You Find...

Today, whilst visiting Coventry Transport Museum, I found this very nice 1938 Aveiling Barford Roller hiding between two of the double-decker buses. I've never seen a "steamer" in the museum (besides the 3" Showmans Engine in the display case on the top floor) so this came as a spot of interest. The engine is No151 and apparently worked on Coventry's roads right from its delivery (as new) until its retirement. She is now in proud private ownership (and working retirement!) and is steamed at least 12 times a year, according to the information standing next to her. The fact that the engine has a boiler ticket surprised me as it was just so clean! The brass whistle, valves & boiler bands were all shining, as was the green paintwork. I was actually lucky to find the engine when I did as it was advertised as "leaving in Spring". Its leaving was due to it needing to fulfil its 2009 rally list! She is always transported by lorry (except when in steam of course), according to the info, and I was very pleased to see her hiding away behind the more modern vehicles.

On another note, Coventry Transport Museum is well worth a visit with a massive collection of cars, buses, models, motorcycles, petrol engines and bicycles as well as plenty of memoribilia, and, its FREE entry! That should be more than enough to persuade you! More posts coming soon, Thanks for reading.

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