Saturday, 23 June 2012

1940s Weekend On A Western...

Hi guys. Today I was spending another day on the footplate of the GWR marvel that is 3803. Myself and Dave got to the shed at just after 6am and began prepping the 2-8-0. She had received a hearty warming fire the day before and so was showing 20psi on the clock - just right. Having checked her over we lit the fire as Driver Adrian arrived. It was 1940s weekend on the railway and this would see a variety of displays at the Market Bosworth Station site. Services would be a mixture of Steam and DMU: 5 departures each. As 3803 warmed up the shed began to 'sweat' so we decided to use the Class 02 shunter to get her chimney outside. Over in Roys yard "Elsa" was steaming up ready to run back home. The traction engine had been here for almost two weeks.
"Elsa" Over The Way
With Adrian oiling round, myself and Dave set to cleaning the engine. Clambering atop the boiler allowed me to crack on with cleaning the safety valve bonnet
Our first departure was timed for 10:30am, with the first DMU run leaving 30 minutes prior. 3803 was ready to come off shed just after the DMU went out and so, after taking coal, we ran over onto the train and coupled up.
The first run was a bit rushed due to a slightly late departure but the layover at Shackerstone upon our return allowed us to take a break. The railway has just started offering "All Day Breakfast"s on special event days and they are fab. I think they are being billed as the "Battlefield Brunch" and they are a taste sensation! We just had to partake...
Battlefield Brunch
Our five runs of the day went without hitch and there was a steady stream of passengers and reenactors boarding the coaches.
1940s Exhibits at Bosworth
A few exhibits caught our eye from the loco footplate. The double-decker bus that brought in the band for the evening entertainment was one of them!
3803 steamed and pulled well, as usual! Adrian, Dave and myself had a very enjoyable day and shared the firing between us. Thanks alot guys. 3803 had again provided us with a very good day indeed. That breakfast was brilliant - I can't stop thinking about it! The following photo is from Mr Hanks' archives and shows 3803 arriving into Bosworth...
Cheers Guys! Sam.

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