Sunday, 3 June 2012

Llynclys Call In...

One thing that almost always manages to drag me in is something of railway interest at the side of the road. This afternoon, on the road to Bala, myself and Eddie called in at Llynclys Station: the headquarters of one half of Cambrian Heritage Railways. This GWR-looking station has often caught our eye as we've passed so today we popped in. Parking up in the pouring rain, it was clear that train services had ceased for the day (it was about 4:30pm). The Station Buffet was however still open and a hot cup of tea was most welcome, as was a look in the souvenir shop. Tea supped, we ventured back outside into the rain with hoods up. At the end of the soaked platform stood a 2-car Class 101 DMU, obviously the extent of the regular passenger haulage. A tired 08 stood damp in a nearby siding with a box van and another small shunter. All other stock on the site seemed to be either BR Mk1 coaches or DMU cars. Apparently there used to be steam but the working engine (an industrial 0-6-0ST) has recently been sold. The GWR Hall Class which stood unrestored in the sidings here for a few years has also just been sold, as part of the new-build Grange project. The running line from Llynclys runs for around 0.7 miles to a picnic site, with the DMU then returning to base. To be honest, there was very little to see, though the staff were friendly and enthusiastic.
 A Wet Yard at Llynclys
Our visit to Llynclys was completed in a little under 15 minutes before we rejoined the warmth of Eddie's car and pressed on towards Bala. Ahh well, another railway done. At least now we won't wonder whats inside when we pass the railway gates on an evening! Cheers guys. Sam.

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