Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hunslet Week Day 4: Maid Marian...

Hi guys. This morning at the usual 7:30am I awoke and crept blurry-eyed through to the Living Room where I got the kettle on. Eddie soon appeared and we planned the day. 8:30 soon rolled around and we were back at the Bala Lake engine shed. The weather was partially cloudy with the odd bit of sunshine. However, with such a bad forecast on the horizon we decided not to take "Alice" again. The engine on roster therefore was "Maid Marian"; one of the two operational cabbed engines at the BLR. To be honest, though I enjoyed "Alice" very much, I wasn't complaining about having a cab today! Having dragged the loco out into the dull morning light, Eddie took the diesel away to shunt the coaching stock whilst I carried out my fireman's duties. Soon enough she was lit and began slowly warming through. Eddie soon returned and began cleaning the outside of the loco. I meanwhile carried on with the cab brass and everything was soon polished and shining.
Shiney Cab
After a fairly speedy preparation we had a cuppa' before finishing up, changing and leaving shed. We steamed out of the yard and up to the far headshunt for coal and water.
Just as they had been yesterday, todays trains were very well filled. Passenger loadings seemed very pleasing and the loco (a different one I grant you) was again in fine form. The 0-4-0 Hunslet steamed beautifully - just as her sisters do.
"Marian" at Bala. God Knows What Eddie Is Doing
The day passed quickly, with four well loaded departures being improved further by cups of tea, slices of cake and of course the usual lunch cobs. By the end of the day: tired but content: I think we were looking forward to a pint down the Eagles. Eddie walked on down to his car and then returned to the station where we met before attempting to head off. Just as I went to turn away I saw Eddies car out of the corner of my eye. I can only conclude that a mixture of sun stroke and tiredness caused him to be a little less aware. I was surprised however when I looked down the drive and spotted the car with the back door wide open as the rain fell. Eddie seemed happy enough to be leaving it open...obviously unaware of this draft now entering his vehicle. With a huff we headed off down the yard to shut the door, with me laughing under my breath. I managed to grab a quick snap before being struck with an elderly cricket umbrella. Hahaha.
Eddie's Car Having Suffered A Failure Of Its Self Closing Doors
Well then, laughs over...Off to the Eagles! "Pint please Barman"...how the devil do you say that in Welsh?! Another great day on the Bala Lake. Cheers guys. Sam.

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