Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Achilles Report No20: Not Again!...

Hello everyone. Tonight, on this freezing cold and damp evening, I took "Achilles" to CMES to help with the Haloween run which would take place from 6:30pm - 8:30pm. The plan was to double-head the loco with the Sweet Pea "John Owen" and haul 4 cars. However, after our first run "Achilles" had to be failed with a loose gudgeon pin nut. I was so annoyed that something so trivial had stopped me but, apart from tightening it and watching it undo itself again, there was nothing I could do. I thought I could Lock-tite it but obviously a thread covered in oil and in wet weather will not allow the stuff to set. I had no choice really. "Alacrity" replaced "Achilles" and so the diesel/steam hauled train continued through the night. I've never seen so many people queuing for the railway at Ryton before...there were so many! I took my loco back home, after calling her all the names under the sun. It will be a very easy fix in a dry workshop, as opposed to the pouring rain at RPMR. Thanks guys. Better luck next time? Sam.

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