Saturday, 10 November 2012

Earl Shilton Toy Steam Fair...

Hi guys. Today I visited the first annual Toy Steam Fair to take place in the town of Earl Shilton, Leicestershire. It was organised in order to raise much needed funds for Age UK. I met the organisers at MMEE 2012 as part of organising an event for the Battlefield Line for April next year and therefore they 'advised' me to pop over. It was 50p to get in and 50p for a cuppa'...oh, and it was free to you cannot argue with that! The exhibition was spread over two rooms and featured a variety of Toy Steam models, particularly from the well known makers of Mamod and Wilesco. The countless models were either in steam or running on compressed air and there were certainly plenty to see. The exhibition definately seemed to be a success and was most certainly a brilliant effort for a first event. I believe it will be happening again this time next year due to the amount of support it got in 2012 so why not go along and support them? Well worth a good hour of anybodies time! Cheers guys. Sam.

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