Saturday, 24 November 2012

Steaming The SW1...

Hi everyone. Tonight I gave the SW1 a bit of a steaming around the Dining Room. This blue Steam Wagon has been in my ownership for a couple of years now and is run on the odd occasion. When not running, it spends its time keeping the 00 gauge collection company in the garden railway stores. The engine has been running much better lately, now that the bands which provide the power to the driving axle, from the flywheel, have loosened up a bit. It is still in very good condition in my opinion, with good paintwork all round and a shiney cladding on the firebox. After a few laps around the dining room I cleaned down the engine ready for storage. It requires a few bits and pieces to be done on it to get it into a supreme running condition but it'll get there this winter. Its a lovely model and I really like it. Best Regards, Sam.

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