Sunday, 11 November 2012

Quiet Shed Day at Shackerstone...

Hi guys. Today we were working in the loco shed at Shackerstone as the winter sun shone outside. Work was ongoing with Class 02 Shunter "Diane" whilst other jobs included repairing some damage to the shed itself before the deep winter sets in. There were four trips down the line operating today, all with the DMU duo. Jan was at the helm of the railcar and I caught the 2nd departure down to Market Bosworth so that I could have a look around the site and sort out a few issues regarding my Miniature Traction Engine Weekend. The site itself seemed fairly good and alot of my quarms were resolved. Following my lengthy tour of the large site I joined the DMU again for a ride in the cab back up to Shackerstone. Though I will never turn away from steam, the DMU does have its advantages: its cheap to run, its warm, its comfortable and it does the job easily. It was a pleasant little run back to Shackerstone and the line certainly did look its winter best.
Driver Jan with the DMU
On arrival back at Shackerstone the DMU prepared for one last trip whilst I cleared up some issues in the shed. It was then time for home as the sun started to set and the cold evening began to set in. It had been a short but successful day and the issues resolved regarding M.T.E.W had made me feel alot better about it all. I know the event isn't until April but there is just so much to sort in every department! Best Regards, Sam.

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